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Installation Manager

Company Power Communications
Location 61109
Status Full Time
Salary $22000

Job Description
Job Description: Installer/Inventory Manager

Fuel Cost Management
-Closely monitor and audit installer fuel usage to control fraud and careless waste of company supplied fuel.
Installation Parts Cost Control
        -Monthly reporting of installation costs per installer.
-Compare actual cost with projected costs of installation parts to control fraud and waste.
Service Call Reimbursement
-Responsible for processing, tracking, adjusting installer pay, for service call reimbursement program.
Enforce on time installation policy
-Work closely throughout the day to ensure installers are on time to each appointment. Be responsible for calling customers and keeping them updated if installer’s arrival time is more than 1 hour from the beginning of appointment window.
Enforcement of Installer Uniform Code and Attendance Policy
-Ensure installers come to work dressed professionally and on time every day according to company policy
Installation Quality Control
-Random assessments of installation quality. Onsite evaluations of installer performance including: adherence to company regulations, quality and general neatness of installation, customer expectations and perceived attitudes, adherence to company safety program guidelines.
Redeployment Program
-Tracking, Receiving, Scheduling, Processing, and Reissue of collected         equipment.
Return Authorizations
-Receive, Process, Shipping, Tracking of Return Authorizations of all Receivers and defective equipment
Manage Warehouse Employees
        -Ensure product is being properly maintained and put away in an         organized, efficient, and time sensitive matter.
-Manage employee to ensure availability of pre-built dish antennas and downloaded receivers.
-Ensure proper maintenance of warehouse including janitorial duties, garbage disposal, general care of warehouse/office equipment.
Installer Safety Program
-Conduct “safety meetings” weekly to discuss employee concerns and cover new safety issues.
        -Implement OSHA compliant safety program
        -Monitor individual adherence to safety regulations
Purchasing Installation Parts and Receivers
        -Maintain proper levels of Inventory
        -Balance inventory levels between: product availability, shipping         costs, and inventory costs
        -Produce purchase orders to accounting dept
Enforce Proper Maintenance of Company Vehicles
        Oil Changes, Routine Maintenance, Cleanliness, Fluid Levels, Etc.
Reconcile Inventory
        Account for all missing receivers in each inventory location         (Installer locations, headquarters, etc)
Issue Inventory to Installers Daily Mon-Sat

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